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Are you looking for a freelance education writer for your University, TAFE or private college?

It can be tough finding just the right person – you want a mixture of a writer who knows the AQF like their ABC’s, who understands VET accreditation, quality control, continuous improvement and compliance, with a dash of personality and humour (no one likes a bore). 

Most of all, you need someone who understands deadlines, shows initiative and understands the complexities of education writing.

Having been in and around the education sector all of my career, I understand the importance of all of the above. 

I have a whole raft of experience that helps me to help you.   

Your students can’t study with you if they can’t find you on Google – are you as visible as your competitors? what is your website saying about you?

Get in touch today for a free quote and see how I can help your educational business as an affordable freelance education writer.

How can a freelance education writer help me?


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That gets your readers interested, clicking and converting to sales



Tell your unique brand story to connect with your audience and stand out from the crow


Content isn't set and forget - training is included so you can DIY and recreate processes when you need to.


Don't miss sales time ever again - have a clear and workable strategy to get the most out of your content.


Update and review your website content so it's Google friendly and helps students find your courses.

An expert Education Copywriter with VET and ASQA industry experience

Some of the roles I’ve done before (that make me perfect for whatever project you have in mind) include:

– Teaching (classrooms, primary schools, adult education, workplace training,  presentations, workshops)

– Auditing and compliance

– Internal Auditing

– Training and Development 

– Presenting to state and federal government departments (Immigration, Education),  industry bodies (including the MARA, Law Society of Victoria, Engineers Australia, Australian Computer Society)

– Presenting around Australia and overseas

With almost 20 years in education and training, my industry experience and knowledge has given me the chance to work with TAFE’s, private colleges and education providers around Australia with their assessment and training needs and marketing, including:

Tanya Abdul Jalil

Tanya Abdul Jalil


Education and Training Copywriter servicing the northern suburbs of Melbourne with Marketing strategies, SEO websites and Copywriting.

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