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A writer with a difference 

 Melbourne Education Writer is the answer to frustrated educators prayers. 

You know the feeling – deadlines are looming, projects are in danger of veering off into the ether.  If only you had a superhero in disguise who could step in and save the day.  Preferably one that brings her own red pens and can translate the intricacies of all the acronyms ACARA, AQF, RTO, VET

A writer who can jump into virtually any project and bring it a fresh voice and perspective that gets things back on track and deadlines back under control. 

Or maybe you’re a solo trainer – taking all those years of experience in your field out in the big wide world running workshops and courses – and you’re struggling with how to articulate who you are and why people should learn from you. 

With almost 20 years of experience in all levels of education, I’ve honed my  ability to turn complex concepts into manageable materials that make teaching and learning a breeze.

Since leaving the corporate workplace, I’ve retrained in SEO copywriting and digital marketing, building my portfolio of happy clients with shining websites and customised copy that Google and their clients are loving.

Now I’m bringing those skills together under a new brand, Melbourne Education Writer, where I offer my talents from both sides – education, training and development, as well as branding, websites and digital marketing.

Want to just hand your project over to a capable pair of hands to get sorted? Want to try and DIY but need a little handholding to guide you through the in’s and out’s of websites, marketing and branding?

No matter how big or small your project is – you’ve come to the right place.


A bit about Tanya 

Growing up in a small country town, I was given a choice of teaching or nursing for a career.  Given my weak stomach for all things gory, teaching won and started me on the journey as a lifelong learner and educator.

Now I’ve been working in the education and training industry for almost 20 years.  After starting my teaching career in Primary Schools in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, I moved into the VET sector working with Bendigo Kangan Institute at VETASSESS.  Moving into the exciting world of Skilled Migration, I took on project management, audit and compliance and training and development roles, as well as a hefty dose of hands on case work in assessment and validation. 

After stepping out on my own as a Copywriter, I’ve worked with SME’s, curriculum bodies, independent trainers and NFP organisations, giving them words to help grow their businesses.

Keeping true to my motto of ‘jump first, work it out later’  – I’ve written for a broad range of industries from retail/eCommerce, finance, IT, Technology, Business, health and education.

Although a farm girl at heart with an overgrown vegetable patch, I am a dedicated armchair traveler who dreams of breaking free with laptop under my arm, and roaming around Europe with my family in a campervan.

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