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Tanya Abdul Jalil


When your ideal student connects with your content through your brand, they begin a journey towards realising their career dreams.



Having the right words is just the beginning. To find your ideal students, you need to let them find you too with great SEO website copy.



When almost isn’t good enough. A final professional edit and proofread will take your copy from whoa to WHOA!


Branding and tone of voice

You know what you want to say, you’re just not sure how to say it. You need the right words.


You’ve got the course, built the website and  done all the SEO. So, where are your ideal students?

SEO Strategy and Audits

You’ve written the best education curriculum. Your website is looking spiffy. But no one's finding you - we'll sort out why.


Bring your course ideas together with a professional writer who can create workshops, presentations and course packages that will be a joy to teach and learn from. 


And you know your students need to hear it.  You just need the right words to connect with them.


That speaks to your audience and lets them know you’re their perfect match.


By the students who need your courses to start their dream careers.

Tanya Abdul Jalil Melbourne Education Writer

Hi, I’m Tanya,

I’m a Melbourne based writer and SEO copywriter with a background in education and training.
With an uncanny knack for finding the words to transform your business from one of many, to standing out in the crowd, I know what it takes to put together powerful brand messages that creates connection.

I know what it takes to make your brand voice heard.

I help training organisations, curriculum bodies, TAFE’s, Uni’s and independent trainers and facilitators build their brands through content that connects and engages their audience.

I offer full branding, website and content creation packages from DIY to full service, as well as instructional design, curriculum and course design services.  

Although I’ve long left the classroom, I love to keep my red pencil sharp and help polish writing pieces of all descriptions with editing and proofreading on demand.

Choose the Melbourne freelance education writer with a difference

  • When you need the flexibility of a freelance writer, with the skills of an in-house professional.
  • When you need someone who knows their way around curriculum, ASQA, RTO’s, and most importantly, project management to deliver quality on time.
  • When you need an editor and proofreader who can spot a typo at 1000 paces.
  • When you need well-researched content that takes your brand from Blah to Boom!
  • You need the writer who will deliver the goods,  on-time delivery. Every time.

Why hire a specialist education copywriter?


A clear brand story

Your brand story will be clear, concise, and captivating allowing the design of a strong framework


words at your fingertips

You’ll have the right words at your fingertips – making it easy to create on-brand content, social media, and training materials. 

Attract the right students

When your content is as unique as you, you’ll bring in the best students for your course.


Happy students = happy graduates

Your ideal students need what you’re offering – when they meet their perfect match, they’ll excel with your course.

Make it easy to teach your courses

You’ll create powerful content that helps your teachers share their knowledge.

Elevate your brand

Let the world know who you are with your credible thought leadership and polished brand.

Words can make or break your message


You’ve been in the education sector for years.  You know your field and content inside out.

Whether you’re an RTO, course provider or solo trainer going out on your own, when it comes to selling yourself and your brand, you’re suddenly just one of the crowd.

Having the right words to tell your story means attracting the right students for your brand.  Your potential students know at a glance if you’re going to be a good fit for their studies.

Getting your SEO and brand words right makes the difference between happy graduates who excel in their career and empty classrooms.

Tanya provided exceptional keyword research for my client who had specific local SEO needs. She was easy to deal with in the lead-up to being engaged, an excellent communicator, and she provided me with excellent guidance when needed. Her keyword research was detailed, her report was easy to understand and she went the extra mile in creating a video to take me through her report, step-by-step. And the cherry on top was her very reasonable fee. I’d use her services again in a heartbeat.

Kate Crocker

Kate Crocker Copywriter

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